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      Animal welfare, export markets and modern farming conditions indicate a strong orientation towards the disappearance of the horns of cattle. We thus part of a group of 24 farmers who have selected animals with early guidance meat.

       Founding member of the GIE polled Salers excellence, we invest now in a breeding program animals naturally hornless (polled).

       Because of the genetic diversity of herds, the use of embryonic stem more from Canada and the purchase of a homozygous polled bull, the sustainability of our project is assured.

       Breeders GIE are backed and commercial know-how of the SARL Nolorgues and KBS Genetic.

       Our breeders group was present at SIMAGENA 2013 in Villepinte, where we formalize the acquisition of CALLIGAN, switsch salers bull, homozygous polled.

    Our breeders group was present at SIMAGENA 2011 in Villepinte, where we formalize the acquisition of JOKER, scottish salers bull, homozygous polled.

100% of his progeny is polled !


We keep 2 bull calves from Joker (heterozygous polled)     -      His females are also very promising


His progeny at SIMAGENA in Paris : Females at 10 months et male at 8 months


GAEC de Solignac, GAEC Le Morvan, GAEC des Prairies, EARL de la Croix Mahieu, with Dick Bradley and Wallings family

His males at 7 months :


His males at 3 months :




His females :



Gizmo Poll, canadian embryo, homozygous polled, from Skywest salers :


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